Top 3 Browsers for Android

Android a great mobile operating system has millions of users. Google play store is the most popular store to download fresh android apps. In fact, it is the official android app store under the custody of Google. Google app store has almost all kind of apps. Android browsers are among the most popular. There are many developers and companies are providing browsers there.Android is now listed in top mobile OS ( operating system). Besides this, the popular android apps have more than billion downloads like Facebook android app crossed one billion downloads. Similarly, some popular internet browsers have millions of downloads. Today, we will know about top 3 internet browsers that may appear in 2015.

Android browsers

Before, I share the top 3 browsers for android, lemme tell you about the criteria!


The list is prepared according to following factors:-

  1. How many users are active on a browser at a time?
  2. How much downloads the browser have?
  3. How many stars, reviews the browser have?

According to above factors, the browsers are listed!

1. Google Chrome

Google chrome, is the most popular browser in the android market. It was launched by Google on February 7, 2012. Larry page ( Google’s CEO) hired Mozilla’s developers and developed an amazing and fast web browser. Its initial release was in 2008 but its android app was developed and launched in 2012. It is available on Google’s market.


This browser has 500 million+ downloads. It’s total users ( active) are 2,659,835. Below is a snap of reviews about chrome browser.

2. Mozilla FireFox

This is another popular and fast browser for android. Its initial release was September 23, 2002. Android browser app’s first version was launched on January 28, 2010. Mozilla is an old company with many projects. Android app is pretty beautiful. Also, it has crossed 50 million + downloads in the recent days. It is also good for video streaming because of good cache and packets transferspeed. ShowBox is one of the best video streamig app recommended by our experts.

Its active users are 1,557,931. Below is a snap holding it reviews:-

3. UC Browser

This browser was launched in August 2004 by UCweb. This browser is popular due to its great speed. It loads pages with less wastage. Although, it is not much popular, but it has the power to compete with top browsers.

This browser is getting popular nowadays. We wish it’s developers best of luck !. Its users are 2,957,716. Below is a snap displaying its reviews:-

Final Words

This was a list of Top 3 android browsers. Android has changed the mobile OS environment. Every development company tries to make it’s product useful and popular among public/users. But people/users choose the one that has great features. In browsers, users choose the one that loads pages frequently and fast. According to reviews, the above list was created. If you want to change it, ask in comments. Also check this website for updated version.
Hope you liked it. For more updates, keep visiting!
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